On 16th November 2018, the Customs Administration accepted the New Customs Declaration and Excise Documents Processing System (CDEPS) which will replace the current ASYCUDA. The CDEPS has been developed in the past 5 years and it is the beginning of the digital era of the Customs Administration. The new System aims to replace paper-based customs procedures with electronic procedures. It will create a more efficient and modern customs environment in line with the global developments. The system will link all existing digital systems in an integral whole and will introduce an electronic customs declaration for all customs import and export procedures and electronic lodging and processing of excise documents. The system will also reduce the costs in the commercial transactions, ensure easier implementation of the free trade agreements, better management and control. The new system is a precondition for further development of digital solutions and services, making life easier for the stakeholders dealing with customs and foreign trade procedures, for other border agencies, as well as for the customs officers themselves. The New Customs Declaration and Excise Processing System will be launches during the first quarter of 2019 at pilot customs offices, and it is expected to become fully functional mid-2019 This will, among other things, result in more successful revenue collection, more rational use of the resources and more efficient international trade in which traders will electronically exchange information with Customs and other agencies involved in the customs procedure.