Specialists in customs brokerage and customs compliance management

About us

POSTOLOVI SPEDITION & CONSALTING DOOEL is a client-oriented Company specialized in the field of customs brokerage and customs procedures implementation.

We have obtained all necessary certificates and licenses that enable timely, precise and reliable clearance of all kinds of goods.

Our Mission

The MISSION of POSTOLOVI SPEDITION & CONSULTING DOOEL is a satisfied client. With the experience and the knowledge we possess, we try to provide an optimal offer and find the best solutions for our clients that will improve their operations in the shortest notice possible.

Our clients are also our partners.

Our Vission

Our VISION is to become a synonym of quality, efficient and economical service in the area of customs and customs operations. POSTOLOVI SPEDITION & CONSALTING DOOEL takes all necessary steps, particularly with the quality of service offered, to become a leading company in the field of customs mediation, implementation of programs for compliance with customs regulations and conducting specialized training for those

Why chose us?

We are a dedicated, reliable and informed company in the area of customs brokerage and customs compliance management.
We offer flexible solutions that are based on what YOU need – no matter how your request is complex.
We are professional, loyal and specialized to manage the clearance of any kind of shipments without exception.
With continuous education, innovation and information we enable the compliance of our and your work with the existing rules and regulations.

Advantages we offer

We are big support for start-ups
Using our expertise we can help you spreading your business to new markets. Doing export and import is by no means a simple work. With us you can maximize compliance and be familiar with all applicable laws.
We have knowledge, we are aware
We determine whether the goods have any restrictions or specific government requirements (marking, labeling….)
We are proactive
If you’re interested in reaching customers across the border we can make sure you provide necessary shipment details as soon as possible to ensure that your goods reach your customers quickly and safely.
We are prepared
We can ensure that all the permits and licenses are provided for clearance of your goods before exportation/importation.

We can save your time and your costs
Rules and regulations in cross-border transactions keep changing. As experts in the requirements for each type of goods we can help you avoid costly delays, fines, confiscation of the goods and other penalties. After all, no business wants to spend more than they have to.
We are your support for customs compliance
We can ensure effective trade compliance - that goods are classified correctly, origin, and valuation of goods are accurately declared in accordance to the laws and regulations and that the appropriate duties and taxes are paid. Trade compliance protects your Business from costly violations.
We can do paperwork for you
We are convenient and entrusting to do all the paperwork and communication with relevant agencies for you. Even more importantly, our expertise in the field can save you from making costly mistakes.
We know how
We know how to assess your goods and apply the appropriate code, saving you unnecessary cost and potential fines for making an incorrect declaration correctly classifying goods so they are aligned to the appropriate tariff code for the calculation of taxes and duties.