POSTOLOVI SPEDITION & CONSALTING DOOEL- Limited liability company single person formed in 2014  -IS A CLIENT-oriented company specialized in the field of customs brokerage  and customs procedures implementation. We have obtained all necessary certificates and licenses that enable timely, precise and reliable clearance of all kinds of goods.
The MISSION of POSTOLOVI SPEDITION  & CONSALTING DOOEL is a satisfied client. With the experience and the knowledge we possess, we try to provide an optimal offer and find the best solutions for our clients that will improve their operations in the shortest notice possible. Our clients are also our partners.
Our VISION is to become a synonym of quality, efficient and economical service in the area of customs and customs operations. POSTOLOVI SPEDITION & CONSALTING DOOEL takes all necessary steps, particularly with the quality of service offered, to become a leading company in the field of customs mediation, implementation of programs for compliance with customs regulations and conducting specialized training for those.


We are a dedicated, reliable  and informed company in the area of customs brokerage  and customs regulations
We offer flexible solutions that are based on what YOU need – no matter how your request is complex
We are professional, loyal and specialized to manage the clearance of any kind of shipments without exception
With continuous education, innovation and information we enable the compliance of our and your work with the existing rules and regulations